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Child Benefit for Disability Claimants

Child Benefit for Disability Claimants

Child benefit

Any person can ask for a child benefit and or guardians allowance to help support the child he/she is responsible for. It is a type of help extended for a guardian to help pay for the child’s living expenses, education and other purposes for the benefit of the child. There are a set of qualifying rules to determine if a guardian will be awarded for a child benefit or a guardian’s allowance.

The factsheet provided useful information divided into child benefit and guardian’s allowance which is as follows:

  • What is child benefit?
  • What are the rules for child benefit?
  • Qualifying young person
  • The child benefit residence and presence test
  • How to claim child benefit?
  • How much is child benefit?
  • What is guardian’s allowance?
  • How to claim guardian’s allowance?
  • How much is guardian’s allowance?

A child benefit and guardian’s allowance is certainly a great benefit any parent/ guardian could get for their child. However, it is important that one must fully follow each benefit claim. If you need more advice on this there is more information for you provided at the end part of the factsheet.

See the factsheet.