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Video – How to claim disability allowance

Video – How to claim disability allowance

The following from Income Max video explains some practical issues with claiming disability allowance.

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“Hello, my name is Lee Healy and I’m the Managing Director of Income Max, the retirement experts. We help people to make sense of and understand the benefits and tax credit system.

Today, we’re going to tell you lots about the benefits and tax credits that are available.

To claim disability living allowance, you’re going to need to complete a form. Now the forms are pretty long and notoriously complex. Now, where do you get one of these forms from? Well, actually, there’s a couple of choices that you’ve got. First of all, you can call the government benefit enquiry line to get the form sent through to you. Now, the number to call for that is 0800 88 2200. And if you call it today, it will be date stamped from today, and that way you won’t lose any money.

There’s two alternative methods, that you can now download the forms from the internet. The best place to go for this is the direct gov website, which is That will have links to disability living allowance, all the information on there, and it will also have a link to the form as well.

Now, you can also claim disability living allowance online. Once again, if you visit the direct gov website, it will actually have a link to what’s called the DWPE service, and you’ll actually be able to get a disability living allowance form and complete it.

So, once again, to claim disability living allowance, you’ll need to fill out a form. You’ve got three choices, that’s getting the form from the government enquiry line, that’s visiting the direct gov website, or actually claiming it through the DWPE service. To avoid losing money, it’s always worth getting those forms completed and sending them back as soon as you can.

Now, don’t forget, if you have any difficulties at all with the form, always seek some advice. You can get some help from your local citizens’ advice bureau, or an independent benefits advice service, perhaps a law center, or a disability information advice line. In general, it always makes good sense to speak to an expert first to make sure that the information that you’re putting on the form is the best for you and according to your circumstances, your disabilities, and your health problems.

So that’s a quick guide to filling out the disability living allowance form.”

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