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Community Care – Personal Budgets

Besides medical needs there are other issues that should be taken into account as having an impact on an individual’s total health and well-being. The Personalisation Agenda in England addresses this issue.

The Agenda is a personalisation care plan that aims to provide the support you need based on your choice, needs and care that you require.

The factsheet provided below contains detailed information of the following relevant topics concerning personalization agenda or personal budgets.

  • Overview of Personal Budgets
  • The Support Plan
  • Payment of your personal budget
  • Funding other than the social service funding
    • Access to Work
    • Grants
    • Primary Care services
    • Disabled Student Allowances
  • Further information

The whole idea for personalization agenda is to produce a support plan with the help of the social care staff, in which an individual will receive care according to their specific preferences and life choices. It is not only available in England but also in Scotland where it is known as Individual Budgets. Further information is available in the factsheet.