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Hospital Benefits and the Impact on Allowances

There are different ways as to how a benefit calculates your day in a hospital, thus affecting the awards you might be receiving. For starters, all other benefits day of admission is not counted, while day of discharge is counted. This rule however, exempts the disability living allowance (DLA) and attendance allowance (AA) where both days of admission and discharge is not counted.

The factsheet will explain to you how you are affected with each specific benefit according to your stay in hospital. Benefits listed include some of the following:

  • attendance allowance (AA)
  • carer’s allowance (CA)
  • child benefit
  • child tax credit
  • council tax benefit (CTB)
  • disability living allowance (DLA)
  • employment and support allowance (ESA)
  • guardian’s allowance
  • housing benefit
  • incapacity benefit
  • income support
  • industrial injuries benefits
  • jobseeker’s allowance
  • maternity allowance
  • motability
  • pension credit

It is important that everyone knows how a stay in hospital will affect your benefits. In this way, one is fully aware if his /her benefits are still payable. Furthermore, not all benefits are affected with these and you can find out which benefits are untouched with this policy in this factsheet.