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Disability Carer’s Allowance

Disability Carer’s Allowance

There’s a benefit a person can receive if he/she is caring for a disabled person for at least 35 hours a week. As a reward for the care given, these people can receive a carer’s allowance (CA). Regardless of whether the carer has savings or not, he/she will still be eligible.

The factsheet introduces the basics of carer’s allowance and is summarised below:

  • The rules to get the carer’s allowance – Age, work hours, education, etc.
  • The residence and presence tests – Length of stay in the UK, UK resident
  • The amount paid – Amount paid every week, will still be receiving CA even after the person cared has died, if so for how long
  • Claiming process – Numbers, online address
  • Other essential details

There are rules applied to the carer’s allowance, of course, there are also exemptions. It is advisable that one should seek advice to know what is applicable to each of their unique circumstances.

This is just a basic overview, fuller information is given in links from the factsheets linked below.

See the factsheet.