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Disability living allowance for people with mental health problems

Disability living allowance for people with mental health problems

In the case of a person who is disabled and who suffers from mentally illness, extra care is required for their disability. It is possible to obtain financial assistance to help with the additional costs associated with caring for disabled people who also suffer mental illness.

This factsheet provides information on how an applicant or carer can apply and qualify for the care and/or mobility components of Disability Living Allowance as well as the following information:

  • General points regarding disability living allowance for people with mental health problems.
  • An overview of the law regarding the care component and the mobility component of DLA for the mentally ill.
  • An explaination of the care and mobility component disability test rules.
  • Further information on:
    • Getting up and getting dressed, moving around indoors, in the bathroom, toilet/incontinence needs, help with medication or other treatment, during mealtimes, etc.
    • The supervision of the mentally ill, the risks of possible danger to self and others
    • Appeals against claim decision.

It is strongly adviseable to prepare carefully before applying for this form of financial support. The local Citizens Advice Bureau can provide assistance. Furthermore this factsheet contains full advice.