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Disabled? How to Find-Out Which Law Applies to You

Someone who isn’t familiar with Disability Rights law might find it hard to understand new legislation or even know the right Act or Cases which apply to their circumstances. In the factsheet described below you will find a number of starting points to help you discover the law that is relevant to your circumstances.

  • Finding the right Act, Regulation or Case law
  • What publications, magazines or handbook to be used as a starting point
  • Getting hold of acts and regulations
  • Online resources, offices, printed versions of official publications of officials, public libraries, etc.
  • Where to get hold of case law and Commissioner’s decisions
  • Using the internet for case law decisions and individual court cases

In one of the methods stated in the factsheet, you will definitely be able to find disability benefits related law. Other sources needed may also be explored in the “Where can I get more help or information?” section in the factsheet. See the factsheet.