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Community and Residential Care – How To Complain about Assessments or Charges

If you are certain that something is wrong with the assessment decision made regarding your claim for benefits or allowances, it is possible to challenge the decision by filing a complaint. The factsheet described below outlines the process and provides the details to help you formulate and make your case. The specific topics covered are:

  • An explanation of the specific topics that can for the grounds for complaints, i.e. :
    • the behaviour of local authority staff
    • community/social care assessments
    • direct payments assessments
    • disabled facilities grants assessments
    • housing grants assessments
    • personalisation and individual budgets assessments
    • residential care assessments
  • Ways to issue your complain
  • Complaints procedure in each Countries local authority
  • The need and use of local councillor or MP
  • Default power of the Secretary of State
  • The involvement of the ombudsman
  • Judicial Review
  • Human Rights Law
  • Actions for damages

If you suffer under any of the above categories then you may have grounds for a complaint. Read through the factsheet to gain a fuller idea of the issues.