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The Benefits Cap

The Benefits Cap

The benefits cap has been introduced and will take effect on April 15th of 2013. Amongst the benefits you are currently receiving, a cap will be implemented accordingly. In this factsheet, you will learn how this benefit cap will work.

This guide will give you a glance on the factsheet:

1. Which benefits will you have a cap?
2. Will there be a grace period?
3. Are there benefits not affected by the cap?
4. Is there any possible exemption to your household?
5. How will the cap be applied
6. The benefits cap calculator
7. Discretionary Housing Payments
8. Effect of the benefits cap

According to the estimated figures, those living in Greater London will be greatly affected with the implementation of benefits cap. This factsheet will make you informed about these latest changes. More and broader information can be found online also provided in this factsheet.