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The Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme is essentially a solution to mobility problems. It provides convenience and security by providing the holder with the the ability to park in specially designated locations within a city. However, not everybody is entitled to this benefit and this factsheet will give you an overview of how the Blue Badge Scheme works.

  • There are rules set as to whom is qualified for the Blue Badge Scheme. Under these rules, there are set guidelines set to follow.
  • It also covers which country, city or other places the Blue Badge Scheme is recognised and operates.
  • Relevant information such as where to apply for a Blue Badge and exemptions from the Scheme.

The Blue Badge Scheme operates in the UK and is recognised in all European countries, though certain parking restrictions apply. Furthermore Blue Badge holders are exempt from congestion charges.

The AA has produced a factsheet for Blue Badge Scheme holders.

More information is helpful and the factsheet provided it for you.

See the factsheet.