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Video: Claiming Disability Living Allowance

Video: Claiming Disability Living Allowance

This video from the charity Independent Age provides some very useful advice about disability living allowance.

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Speaker: Mark from Independent Age

Hi, my name is Mark and I work for the Older People’s Charity Independent Age. If you are over 65 and finding it hard to get out and about, there’s plenty of help available. This advice may also be useful if you have parents or grandparents who are struggling. The disability living allowance, the DLA, is the benefit for long-term disabled people aged under 65, and can be claimed regardless of savings or income.

The high rate of the mobility component may entitle you to an outdoor electric wheelchair, scooter, buggy, or maybe even a car to the mobility scheme, and the benefits continue after you’re 65.

Our tip is that you claim disability living allowance well before your 65th birthday, as the attendant’s allowance, the equivalent benefit for those over 65 does not include the mobility component and thus you’ll miss out on extras, like a car.

For more information and other useful suggestions, please refer to our free guide for the over 65’s, The Wise Guide, which can be found on our website,