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Disabled Facilities Grants

Disabled Facilities Grants

When a disabled person needs help adapting their home or other property, the local authority can provide a grant to help towards covering the cost of adapting the property, through ‘Disabled Facilities Grants’. The Disabled Facilities Grant is available throughout the UK. However, in Scotland there is a very similar scheme known as ‘Housing Grants’. In Wales see also the Rapid Response Adaptations Programme.

More detailed information is provided in the factsheet. To find out if the specific information you are looking for is included, see the list below:

  • Who is entitled to a Disabled Facilities Grant?
  • Who is a disabled person?
  • What can you get a grant for?
  • Applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant.
  • How much is available under the grant?
  • The income and savings test.
  • Disabled children.
  • What to do if the grant isn’t enough.
  • Can my council refuse to give me a grant?
  • How long should an assessment take?
  • Other Housing Grants in England and Wales.
  • Aids and minor adaptations in England.
  • The Rapid Response Adaptations Programme in Wales.
  • Help from Social Services in England and Wales.
  • Help from Social Services in Northern Ireland.
  • Housing grants in Scotland.

There are a number of options available in receiving facilities grants and guidance and advice should be sought prior to applying. Further details including how to get more help and advice are provided in this factsheet.